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The table below gives the approximate burning times, depending on the candle size:

Max 10 : 60h

Max 16 : 150h

Max 24 : 400h

Max 35 : 800h

The above burning times are indicative and may vary from one model to another. The burning times given assume that the candle is used correctly.

A candle burns more rapidly when the wax is totally liquefied than when it is still partly solid. We therefore recommend that you extinguish your candle one hour after the wax has become totally liquid. This will extend its useful life.

In order to enjoy an optimal burning experience, please read the following instructions carefully:


The quality of our scented candles involves a specific burning ritual. Each time the candle is burnt, it is important to wait until the entire surface liquefies before extinguishing the candle. This will prevent the formation of craters which are unattractive and make burning more difficult. The first time you light your candle, it will always burn for longer than on subsequent occasions. Allow time for the first layer of wax to liquefy completely. The length of time this takes varies depending on the size of the candle: a Max 10 candle will take 3 to 4 hours, a Max 16, 5 to 6 hours and a Max 24 or a Max 35 between 8 and 10 hours.

We also recommend that you put out the candle within one hour once the surface of the wax has liquefied completely. This will ensure that your candle lasts longer, as the liquid wax evaporates far more quickly.

Take care not to let your candle burn unattended and do not expose it to sources of heat or to draughts. Exposure to draughts will cause the flame to flicker and give off black smoke.

In addition, take care not to burn the last centimetre of wax as a flame burning against the glass may cause it to shatter.


To maintain the aesthetics and extend the life of your scented candle, it is important to care for it properly once it has finished burning.

Keep the burning instructions leaflet supplied with your candle in a safe place. To avoid soot forming, cut the wicks regularly to a maximum height of 0.6 cm and clean the inside of the glass using an alcohol-free product. Every time after the candle has been burning, reposition the wicks in the centre if necessary.

You will find the accessories needed to look after your candle on the Accessories page.

To look after and burn your Baobab Collection scented candle as well as possible, please consult our Art of Burning page and read the safety instructions carefully.

Baobab Collection scented candles and home fragrances combine outstanding craftsmanship with top quality raw materials.


Each Baobab Collection scented candle is made by hand and given very special care. The glasses are hand-blown by master glassmakers with unique know-how. So each glass is unique. The scented wax is carefully poured in by hand. A Baobab Collection scented candle may require up to six successive layers of wax, so takes four days to make.

Once poured, the candles are carefully cleaned. They are provided with their label and a black ribbon is tied on by hand. They are then packed in their case.

The raw materials

The materials used are meticulously selected to offer you a scented candle of the best possible quality. All the components are sourced in Europe.

We have selected the purest wax on the market, made in Germany. The glasses are hand-blown in Poland, the Egyptian cotton wicks are assembled in Germany and the limited edition leathers come from Italy. Finally, the fragrances are created by the best aroma companies located in Grasse and in Switzerland.

To find out all about our candle manufacturing process, please consult our Craftsmanship page.

Vanwege hun handgemaakte aard kunnen kaarsen van Baobab Collection niet opnieuw worden gevuld.

Elk glas is uniek, omdat het mondgeblazen is. De grootte en vorm is niet standaard en varieert van glas tot glas. Daarom is het niet mogelijk navullingen te ontwikkelen die zich aan elk glas kunnen aanpassen.

Houd er rekening mee dat wij niet aansprakelijk kunnen worden gesteld voor problemen als u uw Baobab Collection-kaars vult of laat vullen met een nieuwe was.

Na verloop van tijd verdampt de geur in de bovenste laag van een kaars. Hierdoor is het normaal dat de kaars minder geur afgeeft wanneer ze voor het eerst wordt gebrand.

In het algemeen geldt dat hoe meer vloeibare was er is, hoe meer geur aanwezig zal zijn omdat deze gemakkelijker vrijkomt.

Wij raden u aan te wachten tot het gehele wasoppervlak vloeibaar is en meer van uw kaars te consumeren, om de was te bereiken die meer geconcentreerd is in geur.

There may be many reasons for this:

- When the surface of the wax is almost entirely liquid, the flames may shrink for an hour or two before burning evens out again.

- When your candle has only a few centimetres of wax remaining, the air intake is lower. Put out your candle and re-light it at least a quarter of an hour later. The flames will burn brighter again.

There may be many reasons for this:

The wicks are too long.

We advise you to cut them down to 0.6 cm, even while the candle is burning if necessary.

The candle has been burning for too long.

Once the wax surface becomes totally liquid, we advise you to blow out the candle within the hour. When the surface of the wax is liquid, the interior of the candle heats up and a large quantity of wax evaporates through the wick. The candle therefore burns in a less stable manner and the flame flickers more. When a flame moves too much, it gives off soot.

The candle is in a draught.

This makes the flame flicker and therefore give off soot. In this case, turn the candle or place it gently in a less exposed area.

The inside of the glass has never been cleaned.

In this case, the soot that has accumulated inside the glass during previous burnings falls back into the wax when the glass heats up. This soot mixed with wax burns badly and produces black smoke.
It is therefore advisable to clean the inside of your candle regularly with a cloth soaked in an alcohol-free product. (Never use a product containing alcohol to clean your candle).

The room in which you are burning your candle is too small.

All candles give off a little soot. A Max 35 with 7 wicks is fairly tall. The ceiling therefore needs to be high enough for the smoke to disperse. Candles of this size are best used in large spaces.

Over time, the fragrance in the upper layer of the candle evaporates. Naturally, therefore, this will give off less fragrance the first time it is burnt.

Generally speaking, the more liquid wax there is, the stronger the scent will be as it escapes more easily.

We advise you to wait until the wax surface has liquefied completely and to use your candle more so as to reach the wax with more concentrated fragrance.

The Baobab Collection fragrance diffusers are very popular, especially in places where people sometimes hesitate to light a candle, such as in bedrooms or bathrooms.

The Baobab Collection diffusers contain 500 ml of fragrance and can be refilled. They are supplied with a separate case containing natural-coloured or black rattan reeds.

Baobab Collection Totems contain 250 ml, 2L or 5L of fragrance and can also be refilled. They are supplied with a separate case containing natural-coloured or black rattan reeds.

Tip for use

Having taken the bottle out of its wrapping, unscrew the black top and remove the airtight plastic seal. Then screw the black top back on and remove the patch in the centre so as to slide in the reeds.

We advise you to turn the reeds over once a week in order to ensure that the fragrance is diffused consistently.

A fragrance diffuser lasts at least five months. This will depend on how often you turn the reeds, the temperature of
your room and the season. Note that the first half of your diffuser will be used up more quickly as the reeds have to absorb the fragrance.

You are advised not to turn the reeds over a delicate piece of furniture. Do this over a surface that is not likely to be harmed by splashes of fragrance. Always take care to ensure that the outside of your diffuser is kept clean and without any splashes of the fragrance that could run down the bottle and stain your furniture.

In order to avoid a circular stain of fragrance on your furniture, we suggest that you purchase our plexiglass base, on which you can place your fragrance diffuser.

The diffusers must not be left within reach of children or near a heat source (flame or kitchen stove).

The refills contain 500 ml or 1L of fragrance.

It is important to pour the entire contents of the refill into the diffuser to ensure that the fragrance is properly replenished and protect it against the detrimental effects of UV rays.

The refill will last as long as the diffuser.

When you pour in the refill, be sure not to let the fragrance overflow. This could damage the container of certain diffusers and your furniture.

The diffuser refills must not be left within reach of children or near a heat source (flame or kitchen stove).

In order to offer you the best possible service, our lighters are covered by a two-year warranty.

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As Baobab Collection candles make great gifts to give to yourself or others, you can select the gift option, simply by ticking this on the product page before adding the item to your cart. You can also write a personalised card which will be added to your package.

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We do our utmost to process your orders as quickly as possible. The standard shipping times are between 2 and 8 working days depending on the destination country. Owing to Brexit, the shipping times to the UK might be longer.

For deliveries to islands or should you require any additional information, please contact customer service.

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All orders placed on our website before noon from Monday to Friday (except public holidays) will be processed within 48 working hours.

When you have confirmed your cart and identified yourself through your customer account, you can enter your shipping address and your billing address.

Our European online store ships to Europe only. To ship to the United States or Canada, please visit our American store at us.baobabcollection.com

U heeft de keuze tussen bezorging aan huis of bezorging op een afhaalpunt.

Helaas kunnen we niet langer aanstekers met gasvullingen verzenden. Vanwege verzendingsbeperkingen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk kunnen wij uitsluitend lege aanstekers leveren. Deze aanstekers kunnen worden bijgevuld met elke gasnavulling.


Purchases made online cannot be returned to or exchanged at Baobab Collection retailers.

To find out more about our returns policy, please consult the ‘Returns’ page of these FAQs.

We hope that you are fully satisfied with your Baobab Collection products. However, if this is not the case, you can return the item or items by following the procedure below.

You have a period of fourteen days after receipt of your order to return your items to us. They must be in their original packaging, unopened and unused. The transport costs will be borne by you. We will therefore deduct these costs when making the reimbursement.

Please contact our customer service at onlinesales@baobabcollection.com to proceed to your return.

Our customer service will provide you with wrapping instructions for your return. Please note that if this wrapping procedure is not followed and the article is damaged upon arrival, we reserve the right not to reimburse you for the product.

If you took advantage of a promotional offer at the time of purchase, entitling you to a free product, please note that the free item must also be returned. However, an exception applies if the total of your order, minus the returned products, still complies with the original conditions of the offer.

U ontvangt ook instructies voor het verpakken van uw retourzending. Houd er rekening mee dat wanneer deze verpakkingsprocedure niet wordt gevolgd en het artikel bij aankomst beschadigd is, wij ons het recht voorbehouden om het product niet terug te betalen.

Als u schade aan een product opmerkt nadat de vervoerder is vertrokken, breng ons dan onmiddellijk op de hoogte door contact op te nemen met onze klantenservice.

Bewaar voor een snelle verwerking de doos, verpakking en beschadigde artikelen voor inspectie door de vervoerder en maak foto's.

Zodra het pakket is toegekomen in ons magazijn, kunnen wij u terugbetalen of u een nieuw product sturen, afhankelijk van uw keuze.

Dit beleid is uitsluitend van toepassing op online aankopen bij baobabcollection.com. Wij kunnen geen retourzendingen verwerken voor aankopen die in de winkel zijn gedaan.

Retourzendingen van online aankopen worden niet aanvaard voor retourzending of omruiling in een Baobab Collection-winkel of bij een van onze wederverkopers.

Houd er rekening mee dat retourzendingen niet meer mogelijk zijn voor leveringen in het Verenigd Koninkrijk.


We use the latest strong encryption technology to ensure that all information concerning transactions is protected in line with the most stringent standards. Information concerning transactions includes your bank card details, your personal contact details and any other names and addresses provided when the shipping address is not your own, as well as the history of your purchases.

Each time you log in to your Baobab Collection account to place a new order, you will have to enter the details of your bank card again in order to ensure that you have the highest level of security.

In order to make a purchase on the Baobab Collection website, you have to be registered and you have to provide personal details, in particular your email address. We will use this information to confirm your order and contact you should a problem arise relating to your order.

However, we undertake not to send you documentation that you have not requested, unless you indicated when you registered that you would like to be kept informed of our news, offers, events, etc.

Please note that all information collected about you is stored with the greatest security.


If you wish to alter or cancel your order before it is shipped, please send us an email to the following address: onlinesales@baobabcollection.com

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