Scented candles

Handcrafted in our workshops in Europe, Baobab Collection scented candles are high-quality pieces stemming from the unique expertise of our craftsmen. Each fragrance that makes up our candles is an exclusive creation crafted with care, inviting you on an olfactory and sensory journey. Our scented candles transform into genuine decorative objects in your interior, creating a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

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Scented candles

True luxury pieces, our scented candles are handcrafted by our artisans in Europe, using carefully selected high-quality raw materials. Each candle is the result of unique expertise: hand-blown glass, gold or platinum silkscreen printing, ceramic, sublimated glass, engraved glass, woven and crocheted raffia... The wax, made from highly refined paraffin, is hand-poured in multiple phases in our workshops to ensure a high-quality and even burn. The finishing touch to this artisanal craftsmanship is the placing of the ribbon and the black label, the brand's signature.

Fragrance is at the heart of our expertise: each scent is meticulously crafted in Grasse, France, the world capital of high perfumery. The perfumes of our candles are categorized into 8 distinct olfactory families: citrus, floral, woods, amber & spices, leathery, solar & aquatic, aromatic, or green. Comprising 3 main notes, our fragrances are unique and sophisticated creations, an invitation to an olfactory journey.

We offer 5 different sizes of luxury scented candles, ranging from the small MAX06 (6cm in height) to the MAX35 maxi format (35 cm in height). The burning time and the number of wicks for each candle vary depending on its size. You will therefore find a scented candle suitable for every room in your interior.

Height Wicks Weight
MAX 8 8 cm | 3.1in 1 wick 600g
MAX 10 10 cm | 3.9in 4 wicks 1.35 kg
MAX 16 16cm | 6.3in 4 wicks 2.2 kg
MAX 24 24cm | 9.45in 5 wicks 5 kg
MAX 35 35cm | 13.8in 7 wicks 10 kg

To fully enjoy and prolong the life of your scented candle, it is important to follow a few guidelines before, during, and after burning.

Before each burning, it is recommended to gently trim the wicks of your candle to a maximum height of 0.5cm. You can use our Baobab Collection wick trimmer, ensuring an ideal wick height without getting your fingers dirty. Then, light the wicks of your candle with a match or a lighter. If using a match, make sure not to leave any residue on the wax. To complete your collection, we offer various matchboxes featuring patterns from our iconic collections, as well as a grained leather lighter.

During each burning, it is important to wait until the entire surface liquefies before extinguishing the candle. Never let your candle burn longer than indicated on the instruction card attached to the candle to prevent glass overheating.

To minimize smoke when extinguishing your candle, we recommend using our candle snuffer. Paired with our wick trimmer, it serves as an ideal decorative piece to display on your coffee table.

After each burning, before the wax solidifies, reposition the wicks straight and in their initial position. Regularly clean the inside of the candle to prevent the formation of soot.

When you reach the bottom of your candle, never let the last centimeter of wax burn to prevent the flame from burning against the glass. Indeed, a flame burning against the glass can cause it to shatter.

Scented candles stand out as the perfect gift for all occasions. Whether celebrating a birthday, conveying your well-wishes, or simply delighting a loved one, scented candles are a reliable and elegant choice. In your cart, you have the option to specify if your candle is a gift and add gift wrapping and a personalized note to your order to enhance your gift. Offer the luxury of a fragrant ambiance and a memorable moment of relaxation.