Home Fragrances

Perfume your home with Baobab Collection's unique olfactory creations. Available as reed diffusers, totems or sprays, our home fragrances add a sophisticated, warm touch to your home. Choose your fragrance from our 8 olfactory families: citrus, floral, woody, amber & spicy, leathery, solar & aquatic, aromatic or green.

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Home Fragrances

Perfuming your home with Baobab Collection's olfactory creations is an elegant and sophisticated way to create a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in your home. Our home fragrances come in a variety of forms: reed diffusers, totems, room sprays and refills. In addition to their olfactory quality, our perfume diffusers and totems are decorative pieces resulting from the unique know-how of our craftsmen, bringing a contemporary, modern style to your home. Home sprays are ideal for quickly spraying a fragrance into a room before your guests arrive, or for eliminating unpleasant odors.

Our home fragrances are available in 500ml and 1L fragrance refills. All the fragrances in our permanent collections have their corresponding refills, enabling you to enjoy your diffuser or totem for as long as possible. For our limited collections, we don't offer fragrance refills, but you can choose a new fragrance from our refills, for example from the same olfactory family. We recommend that you replace the sticks in your diffuser or totem with each new fragrance refill, to ensure continuous, uniform diffusion of the highest quality.

Choosing the right home fragrance can transform your living space into an oasis of comfort and style. Choosing the right home fragrance depends on your personal preferences and the mood you want to create. You can choose from eight distinct olfactory families, each offering a particular sensory experience:
Citrus: Fresh, sparkling citrus notes for a feeling of dynamism and vitality.
Floral: A bouquet of delicate, bewitching flowers evokes the beauty and gentleness of nature.
Woods: A little vetiver, a lot of sandalwood, fragrances with character.
Amber & Spicy: Rich, warm fragrances, perfect for creating a welcoming, intimate atmosphere. From patchouli to saffron, an irresistible delicacy.
Leathery: Sophisticated and elegant leather notes that add a touch of luxury and refinement.
Solar & Aquatic: Luminous, refreshing fragrances evoking sea breezes and sunny days.
Aromatic: The seductive scents of basil and mint, reminiscent of a Mediterranean market.
Green: Herbaceous and natural aromas, absolute freshness and the scent of cut grass.

When choosing a home fragrance, consider the room to be scented. For the living room, sophisticated fragrances like woody or amber notes can add elegance. In the bedroom, floral scents can promote relaxation and sleep. Finally, in the bathroom, fresh, aquatic scents can bring a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

In addition to your personal preferences and the ambiance you're looking for, you can also adapt your choice of home fragrance to the season of the year. Opt for lighter, fresher fragrances in summer, and richer, more comforting ones in winter.

Immerse yourself in the sensory world of Baobab Collection and let our fragrances transform your home into a haven of peace and elegance.

Our home fragrances are unique creations, elaborated in collaboration with France's leading perfumers in Grasse, the world capital of haute parfumerie.

Each fragrance is a complex composition of olfactory notes, designed to convey the stories imagined by our artistic director. These olfactory creations act as sensory vehicles, transporting you to unusual places and introducing you to dreamlike narratives.

In the creation of each fragrance, three major notes are identified to express its identity: the top note, the middle note and the base note. The top note reveals itself immediately after the fragrance is diffused, flying away to make way for the heart note, which truly characterizes the fragrance. Finally, the base note sublimates the first two, completing the balance and leaving a distinctive trail, an unforgettable olfactory signature in your home.

Each Baobab Collection home fragrance, in the sophistication of its notes, becomes an indispensable element in your daily well-being.