Maxi Wax limited edition

Baobab collection x uniwax

a brand new creative collaboration

Maxi wax limited edition

Wax prints are synonymous with Africa: flashy and colorful fabrics that have become part of global fashion trends, dressing urban tribes here and there. This collaboration celebrates African fabrics, whose geometric, kinetic, vegetal or tribal inspirations express, through their designs, stories that are more complex than they appear... Invisible messages that, inscribed on each thread, tell the story of a continent.

Uniwax, the Abidjan-based textile design and printing company, agreed to follow our inspirations. The result is a symbiosis of 3 unique designs that work together as if by magic, thanks to the talent of the designers to whom we pay tribute: Mr Akpa for the Panya design, and two striking duos, Mr Zoh and Mr Loua for the Malia design, and Mr Gnaore and Mr Marius for the Nyeleti design.

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Like its starry, kinetic decor, the Nyeleti scented candle bears the African name for star. The sublimation of a print on the glass, created in collaboration with Uniwax, allows the flame to appear despite the candle’s vivid colors. A woody fragrance of incense, cedar and leather makes this scented candle an olfactory object with a strong, unique personality.


The most "African" of our Maxi Wax collection, the Panya scented candle is sublimated with an ethnic print inspired by coffee beans. Its feminine African name means «woman of fire», and its fragrance is a woody explosion of incense and cedar.


Malia is the noblest candle in our Maxi Wax collection, named after the Swahili word for «queen». Its glass decoration in shades of green and coral reveals an almost kinetic flower design. The flame shines through the glass, bringing the object to life as if by magic. The magic of glass and a fragrance marked by hyacinth, lily and almond blossom.

Portaits by thandiwe muriu

In keeping with the magic of Wax prints and their unusual color combinations, large-scale Wax prints settle into images under the lens of photographer Thandiwe Muriu, who agreed to collaborate with us on the creation of three images of women wearing our prints. The kinetic effect is delightful, with women and objects disappearing into the background...